3 Tips for Healthy Aging

Maintaining Your Glow

Looking healthy means being healthy. You can’t fake vitality without CGI. That’s why my 3 tips for healthy aging are, in fact, the pillars of good health.

As a scientist, a trainer, and a mother approaching the big “40”, I’ve noticed that some healthy habits impact my glow, collagen, complexion, skin, hair, muscle acquisition, fat burning and cognitive focus more than others.

Let me share 3 of those high-impact, low-effort health tips with you here.

The Three Pillars of Health

  1. Integrated Action – I know I need to accelerate my heart rate for 20 minutes over the course of each day, unless I’m sick or injured (which does happen). So I plan it into my life. Stairs are great, at home or work, as I can take two steps in a lunge on my way up (I have little Hobbit legs!), which instantly gets my heart going. Dancing with my little boy (or by myself), squats in front of the TV, leg lifts while sitting. When I’m not working out I always plan my pulse-time the day before!
  2. Integrated Nutrition – I haven’t dieted since I got my Degree in Human Nutrition. Now, I eat the most delicious food I can given my energetic output each day. Workout days, for instance, I have pasta or potato based lunches for carbs. Non-workout days, maybe a big (big) crunchy salad with some meat for protein. Or on a very busy day of errands, workouts and drama, I might have a Snickers after lunch for the energy spike and glucose. I never go hungry, but the fuel my body requires each day is the fuel that I eat!
  3. Integrated Recovery – I need 7 hours of sleep to feel fully rested. I plan my sleep (mmm sleep…) every day like a child plans for Christmas morning. I’m lucky that I love dreaming, because sleeping well and regularly has so much of a positive impact on your life and vitality that there’s not enough space on Instagram to talk about it! Whenever possible (and it’s not always possible), I bend over backwards to map a full night of sleep into the end of every day!

Oh, and I also wear a lot of sun cream! Ha!

I Am Here For You

Remember as well that you are not on your own. My How2Live System is designed for people who want to get healthy one step at a time, under their own steam, without any guesswork. Check out My Recipes and follow me on Instagram for live workouts every week. This is where the science happens!

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