5 Home Workout Tips

Maintaining Your Glow

If you got this far you probably know that I’m a scientific nutritionist with a background in research, and a full time personal trainer. Because of this a question I get asked a lot is what tips I have for working out at home. So here’s the skinny. My 5 home workout tips, because home workouts are here to stay.

It’s About How You Live, Not How You Sweat

  1. Habits NOT Routines: it’s crucial to get into the mindset of forming healthy habits, which are sustainable, not the boring obligations of routines you can’t wait to break. Consistency is an essential feature of a healthy lifestyle, because there’s no way to ‘get fit quick’. This is because being healthy is a reflection of the healthy habits present in your lifestyle; keeping weight off FOREVER, not just for the summer
  2. Nutrient Dense Foods: you do NOT need to count calories or macros to be healthy! Understanding what is inside food is important, but engineering a diet that’s rich with NUTRIENT DENSE FOODS is key
  3. Keep It Fresh: home-workouts are an important part of a healthy lifestyle even without a pandemic. You can create endlessly fresh, challenging routines with just a few pieces of inexpensive equipment. Just get a few pairs of DUMBELLS and a couple of RESISTANCE BAND
  4. Goal Orientation: we build our lives around our ambitions (tip #1, above) by building habits. Goals are so important for this. Some trainers frame this by saying, “you have to really want it. Do you want it enough?” but I worry this misses the point – we all want to be healthybut we don’t all have to go the same distance to get there. No matter how far the journey, goals remind us where we’re headed. Set them
  5. Baby Steps: long-term goals are broad (beach-bod, hiking-healthy, pro-athlete, cuddly-mom), but short term goals are weekly ambitions that are just as important, much more targeted, achievable and measurable. They keep you motivated, and accountable. “Lose 2 two pounds this week.” Or “increase my squats by 5 reps this week.” Or “cook 3 of my own meals this week.” Witnessing your own power repeatedly earning you increments of progress is what keeps one foot falling in front of the next towards those broader goals

The more constant you are with applying the above five tips the more your lifestyle itself will become a reflection of your increasing good health. Because the essence of those tips is the structure of sustainability. So take it slow and build the foundations of a world that you want to live in. Bind yourself to a routine that you actual want to be a part of.

I Am Here For You

And remember that if you need help taking baby steps check out my How2Live system – it’s all about fitting good health into a good life.

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