5 Tips for Home Workouts

5 Tips for Home Workouts

Secrets of the Pros

As an online fitness and nutrition coach I’m often asked about home-workout effectiveness for sustaining health and weight loss reduction. Not only do I recommend it, I think most people would do better working out at home than they would in a gym. Provided you take these 5 tips for home workouts into account!

Missing breakfast or lunch are the biggest problems with the most severe Remember that with home workouts there’s no membership fees, no commute, no lines, there’s no rules and there’s no dependency. Your health and fitness becomes a piece of your home routine.

Bring your health and fitness all the way into your castle. Use these 5 secrets that I teach all my clients!

5 Secrets of the Pros

  1. Habits NOT Routines: it’s crucial to get into the mindset of forming healthy habits, which are sustainable, not the boring obligations of routines you can’t wait to break. Consistency is an essential feature of a healthy lifestyle, because there’s no way to ‘get fit quick’. Being healthy is a reflection of the healthy habits present in your lifestyle; keeping weight off FOREVER, not just for the summer
  2. Nutrient Dense Foods: you do NOT need to count calories or macros to be healthy! Understanding what is inside food is important, but engineering a diet that’s rich with NUTRIENT DENSE FOODS is key
  3. Keep It Fresh: home-workouts are an important part of a healthy lifestyle even without a pandemic. You can create endlessly fresh, challenging routines with just a few pieces of inexpensive equipment. Just get a few pairs of DUMBBELLS and a couple of RESISTANCE BANDS
  4. Goal Orientation: we build our lives around our ambitions (tip #1, above) by building habits. GOALS are important for this. Some trainers frame this by saying, “you have to really want it. Do you want it enough?” But I worry this misses the point – we all want to be healthy, but we don’t all have to go the same distance to get there. No matter how far the journey, goals remind us where we’re headed. Set them
  5. Baby Steps: long-term goals are broad (beach-bod, hiking-healthy, pro-athlete, cuddly-mom), but short term goals are weekly ambitions that are just as important, much more TARGETED, ACHIEVABLE and MEASURABLE. They keep you motivated, and accountable. Things like, “lose 2 two pounds this week”, “increase my squats by 5 reps this week”, “cook 3 of my own meals this week”. Witnessing your own power repeatedly is what keeps one foot falling in front of the next towards those broader goals

Trust Me…

Strange as it may seem at first, the six-by-six area you’re about to start using for your workouts is going to quickly become your new health hub, along with your kitchen! Use my 5 tips for home workouts to make sure that when you start you stick – because that’s where the RESULTS come from. They don’t come from the monthly membership fees.

Kids running around, smells from the kitchen, laundry drying – all while planking, squatting, curling and stretching – that’s my gym, and has been for the last 10 months.

Welcome to my gym!

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