About Me

Your life is my science.
I see science.

I’m a nerd. Scientist. Latina. Mom. Personal Trainer. Nutritionist. Explorer. Romantic. Globe Trotter. Dance-a-holic. Health Freak. Cook.

As an internationally certified Personal Trainer and a scientific Nutritionist, I see the world slightly differently than most people.

I graduated with a BSc with Honours in Human Nutrition from university in London, England and got a job with the Medical Research Council (MRC). MRC is attached to Cambridge University in England, and working here was a privilege that’s heavily impacted my approach to health. This is the institution which discovered the genome, DNA and antibiotics; MRC has won 32 Nobel Prizes – so I worked hard and learned what I could in the company of giants.

Life is just as confusing to me as it is to everyone else, but fitness and nutrition aren’t. Fitness and nutrition are subjects that I see through the eyes of science – not testimony.

The good news is that being healthy doesn’t require you to go to university for four years. The principles that make scientists see their subject matter more clearly than non-scientists can be learned as habits, not lab-references. This concept is at the heart and soul of my How2Live System, which I invite you to join me in living your life by!

When you work with me you’ll notice that I’m also very, very Venezuelan. No amount of living abroad in England and Canada seems to be able to diminish that!

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