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Your Alcohol Upgrade Commitment

If you’re the type of Hunter that likes to have a delicious-refreshing-alcoholic-beverage or ten, then we might have stumbled upon an area of your life that could be healthier than it is. With that in mind, this Alcohol Upgrade commits you to having half a pint of perfect-pure-water between every glass of alcohol you consume.

Between every shot, every glass of wine, every pint of beer, every cocktail, every after-dinner sherry or al-co-pop and the next – a half pint of water. If it’s got alcohol in it and comes in liquid form, and you want to have another – a half pint of water.

This is your new relationship with alcohol from now on. When you finish a drink, you order your water. You wait for it to arrive, and then you drink it. And then you order your next cocktail.

The Science Behind The Upgrade

Obviously there’s a few tricks all built in to this, so let’s very quickly unpack why we’re going to be making this adjustment.

  1. By putting water in your body we’re filling up your stomach, leaving less room for other things, like more vino!
  2. By giving you water you allow yourself to re-hydrate the lost moisture that your body will be suffering from as a result of having drank alcohol – that is, alcohol dehydrates and your water hydrates.
  3. It takes one hour for your liver to process one shot/unit of alcohol. With that in mind, if we slow your drinking down by feeding you water, you’re giving yourself a chance to get ‘a little more sober’ before you head back to the booze. Being sober reduces the amount of alcohol you’ll consume, strangely.
  4. This Upgrade is not socially disruptive. If you want you can even just order your water in a short glass with some ice cubes and slice of lime to make it look like a cocktail. The fact is that having a drink in your hand and having something to sip on is a huge part of the social aspect of drinking alcohol – and that gets covered here.
  5. This solution avoids the alcohol-free-sugar-substitute-beverages sold at most bars, clubs and restaurants – that stuff is worse for you than alcohol, no matter what they tell you. Water is the drink of choice. Stick to it!

Word To The Wise

Look it simply must be said – if you think you have a relationship with alcohol that manifests a more serious impact to your health and lifestyle than the fat storage and muscle depletion that affects so many of us – reach out to your support networks and get some help. You deserve it. I don’t want to give the impression that this is an Upgrade that will assist you managing your appetite for alcohol, it just instills a routine that makes it more difficult to consume alcohol in large quantities.

By making alcohol more difficult to consume we decrease the amount of alcohol we’ll ingest. And if we decrease the amount of alcohol we ingest, then we’ll suffer less of the negative health consequences of ingesting alcohol. The maths is simple!

Jungle Tip

Don’t forget there are lots of well known tricks you can combine to reduce the amount you’re tempted to drink on social occasions. Eating before I go out is a helpful one, as well as eating while drinking – this reduces the alcohol content in your blood and digests it along with your food – which is the continental distinction between Europeans and North Americans. Continental Europeans eat and drink simultaneously, whereas North Americans tend to eat at mealtimes and drink as a separate event.

Check out My Recipes if you’d like to find something healthy, filling and delicious to eat while you’re drinking this weekend!


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