Candy Fortress Upgrade

Hunter Habit – For Those Of Us Who Live With Sugar

Upgrade Class – Single Use

Your Candy Fortress Upgrade Commitment

Your home should be your fortress, but for many of us there are forces inside our castles are working against us. If that sounds like you – then you need my Candy Fortress Upgrade.

From now on we’re going to make sure that the candy, sweets and junk food we’re exposed to over the course of each day aren’t being reinforced inside our homes. People who don’t have potato chips, chocolates, suckers, chewing gum, nachos and candy at home eat less potato chips, chocolates, suckers, chewing gum, nachos and candy.


Put yourself in the position that healthy people put themselves in every day – leave yourself no choice but real food while at home. Forever. Goodbye cookies, muffins and cakes!

The Science of Candy

The great news is that it actually doesn’t hurt doing this as much as you think it does. Once the candy is gone and you start to crave it, you’ll have an actual meal and you’ll stop craving the junk food immediately.

It’s science. Your body is screaming out for those easy carbs because it’s nutrient deficient. The feeling of ‘cravings’ that you are so familiar with is just a chemical state that your body migrates to when it feels it is in need of sustenance.

Feed it real, nutrient dense food. Not crap. There’s plenty of crap you’re going to have to eat outside of your fortress – let that be the battlefield, not your home.

All this Upgrade requires you to get rid of are junk foods that aren’t frozen. We’ll tackle that freezer full of ice cream and chocolate logs once you’ve recovered and are ready for another Upgrade!


Jungle Tip

The easiest way to get rid of your sweets is to give yourself some nutrient dense snacks to turn to as you’re adjusting to your new domestic menu. Check out some of my Healthy Snack Bundles for a few options that you can make sure you have ingredients on-hand to make when those cravings hit!

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