Crunchy Tuna Cakes

Crunchy Tuna Cakes

Fish is extremely good for you, but my husband can’t stand it. As a result I’ve had to find some creative ways to make sure he eats his fish, cleans his plate and says “thank you” afterwards. My Crunchy Tuna Cakes are one of the methods I use to sneak fish into my family when they least expect it. It can be your way now, too!

If you’re someone who loves fish, then this is a delicious twist on a staple of the ocean. I generally end up using tinned tuna for this dish, but if you have fresh tuna that’s even better!

Ingredients (12 medium cakes)

Potatoes, large (3)
Tuna, canned (1)
Parsley, fresh (2 tbsp)
Spring onion (1)
Onion (1/2)
Egg (1)
Bread crumbs, wholemeal (1/3 cup)
Salt (1 tsp)
Pepper (pinch)

Phase I – Taters

Grab a glass of your favorite wine. Drink it. Now, let’s cook!

  1. Take your 3 potatoes and carefully stab your cooking knife into the center of each potato from a few different sides so that we have some ventilation points when they start to heat up
  2. Put the potatoes in a pot of water on the stove and bring them to boil for roughly 20 minutes, or until you can stab a knife easily through them without much resistance
  3. Drain your water and let your potatoes stand and cool for a few minutes
  4. Remove the skin from the boiled potatoes and let them continue to stand and cool

You’ve done well – now it’s time for some knife work.

Phase II – The Fireworks

Find your favorite sharp cooking knife.

  1. Turn a frying pan on to a medium heat and put that teaspoon of oil in
  2. Finely dice your half onion and put it in the heated pan to sizzle until it’s golden brown. You may need to stir occasionally
  3. While this is happening, dice your spring onion (just the green part, discard the white) and your parsley and put them in a bowl
  4. Drain your tuna and add it to the bowl
  5. Once the onions have been cooked to a golden brown remove from heat and drain them of their excess oil and juices, then add to the mix of tuna, spring onions and parsley
  6. Now add the three boiled (cooled) potatoes and crack in your egg, then mash them all together until it’s well blended
  7. Sprinkle in the breadcrumbs slowly as you continue to mix

Almost there. Now we just need to make these look like cakes!

Phase III – The Concerto

  1. Set your oven on to 410 F
  2. Get a large oven tray and put a sheet of parchment paper across it, then dust/spray the paper with a light film of oil
  3. Using your hands, roll small clumps of the potato mash into little balls and flatten them out into cookie-cakes – like the ones pictured. This recipe should make 12 cakes with all the available ingredients
  4. With a cooking brush, brush some oil across the tops of each of the cakes
  5. Place the trat in the oven for 15 minutes and then begin checking them to see when they have begun to turn a tasty looking brownish color on top. It should take about 20 minutes or so but it can be difficult to judge

When they’re out of the oven get them served up quickly, as these delicious little nutrient bundles taste best fresh out of the oven when their texture is lightest.

Nutritional Info (per serving)

Protein, 3 grams
Fat, 1 grams
Carbohydrates, 18 grams
Fiber, 2 grams
Calories, 102

These Crunchy Tuna Cakes are great with a fresh salad. Check out My Recipes if you’re looking for something green to gobble down with your fish and potatoes!

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