English Jacket Potato

English Jacket Potato

This recipe is a national treasure that my husband’s sister showed me how to make with an extremely sneaky shortcut that sacrifices absolutely nothing from the finished product. The English Jacket Potato is now yours.

Jacket potatoes are traditionally difficult to make well, but a few simple tricks can help turn your English Jacket Potato into an afterthought.

Ingredients (serves 1)

Jacket potato (medium sized)
Spring onion (1)
Mayonnaise, avocado (1 tbsp)
Butter (1 tbsp)
Tuna, canned, pre-cooked (133 grams)
Cheese, grated (3 tbsp)
Olive oil (1 tbsp)

Phase I – The Heat

Ingredients out and…

  1. Using a sharp knife, cut a deep X or cross into the top face of your jacket potato. Don’t peel it, just make a deep incision
  2. Place your potato on a plate, with the side you have cut facing up. Then put your plate in the microwave and let it cook for 9 minutes
  3. While the potato is in the microwave, turn your oven on to Bake, and preheat to 400F
  4. When the potato is finished in the microwave, stick a fork in it. If it slides all the way in without much resistance, then it’s a cooked potato! If it isn’t fully cooked, it’ll be tough to push the fork in and you’ll encounter noticeable resistance – if this is the case, just microwave for an additional 3 minutes and repeat your fork-test until the potato is sufficiently soft inside
  5. Once ready, take the potato out of the microwave (carefully, it’s hot!) and, using a brush, generously ‘paint’ your potato’s skin with oil on the top and sides. No need to worry about the bottom
  6. Put your potato in the oven’s top tray, on a bit of parchment paper – leave it to cook for 10 minutes

Excellent, that’s the the tough part. Now to make that topping…

Phase II – The Filler

Knife, can opener, tablespoon and chopping boarded out and…

  1. Dice up your spring onion very finely and toss it in a bowl
  2. Take a glob of mayonnaise and pop it in the bowl with your finely diced spring onions
  3. Open your can of pre-cooked tuna, drain it over the sink and then toss it in the same bowl with the onions and mayonnaise
  4. Mix until it’s all evenly disbursed

You’ve finished your filler! Simple! Now…

Phase III – The Concerto

  1. Once your potato has finished in the oven, check to see if the skin is crispy. If it’s not as crispy as you want yet, close the oven and let it cook for another 3 minutes, then check again – once you’re satisfied with it’s texture, take it out and place it (carefully) on a chopping board
  2. Chop your jacket potato open and let all that steam rush out. Then quickly spread your tablespoon of butter on the soft white potato flesh, letting it liquefy and soak into the potato itself
  3. Sprinkle your grated cheese onto the still-steaming potato
  4. Put your tune-mayonnaise-spring-onion-filler on top

Congratulations! This is the tastiest potato you will ever eat in your life!

Nutritional Info (per serving)

Protein, 50 grams
Fat, 27 grams
Carbohydrates, 40 grams
Calories, 600
High in B-6

All your carbs and proteins are present in this recipe already. Now you just need to add a salad to make it a full nutrient fiesta! Check out my Healthy Meal Template for tricks to turn anything you love into a balanced meal.

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