It’s A Jungle Out There

Perhaps the reason we’ve allowed companies and salesmen to make food such a dangerous subject is because the acquisition of food has always been an expedition fraught with hazard. Today this cruel tradition lives on in an altogether different fashion – now it is mankind that is mankind’s greatest danger in the sprawling jungle.

There’s a lot of voices out there – we’ve all googled them or seen them staring at us in the checkout aisle. Or on TV.

You don’t need them. They are the problem. They are the danger.

Let me show you what I’ve learned as someone that’s been from one end of the ‘food-chain’ to the other – and maybe my scientific approach to self-determining ones relationship with food will resonate with you.

Because food is very simple to love without fear.

In the early days, as a child in Venezuela, all I ate was my mothers healthy home cooking. Then as a model in Caracas in the 90’s, I starved myself to stay healthy. As a warehouse factory worker putting slices of tomato on a conveyor belts of cheese and bread and egg for nine hours a day in England, I ate just to be happy.  As a bottle collector in a long line of pubs I ate, but only when I remembered, and only what was behind the bar.

Eventually, as a Manager of a cafe I ate because I finally could, but only pre-made food; what else was there time for? Then as a (mature) student at London University I ate to stay awake. While working at the world’s most famous nutritional research laboratory via Cambridge University I ate whatever was available (turned out it was chocolate, ironically). As a Personal Trainer I ate whatever I needed to, whenever I needed to. When I became pregnant I ate whatever the hell I wanted (so back off!). Now, as a mother, I eat because I’m important, which brings us to today…

You’re important. That’s why you’re here.

How 2 Shop

Hunting for food in the modern food jungle is half the battle. Learn the skills of a modern hunter from someone with expertise in super-markets, open-markets and butchers all over the world.

How 2 Cook

The other half of the battle has to do with your capacity in the kitchen. Cooking should be exciting, rewarding and fun, but a big part of that pay-back comes from consistently and deliberately creating masterpieces. From my kitchen to yours – this is my knowledge.

What 2 Cook

In this section I’ll walk you through the foods that we cook in my home every day, using simple principles. For pleasure, purpose and parties alike, this food is healthy and wonderful, and the proving ground my How2LiveOnEarth system.

Extra Help

If you feel you’d benefit from extra help in a one-on-one session for fitness or nutrition, please reach me here.