Living Active

The temple of your life is built upon a foundation of good health, with health being a question of ones most primitive needs being met. We need to ingest very specific kinds of fuels and experience very specific kinds of exertion every single day in order to achieve our maximal health.

The result – living a life of quality, and energy and engagement, for a long time.

Food we have covered in the Food Section, with updates coming constantly! Here in the Home Fitness Section I want to focus on ensuring you have all the tools you need for free access to safe, high quality exercise resources, from a trained professional.

The key here is that you don’t need a gym to be healthy in the real world. Your home is your gym, so everything herein is designed to work right from your kitchen, living room or hallway. Find yourself some space and a few basic tools. You won’t need much at all, as body-weight is sufficient for many exercises.


Resistance Band

2 to 3 Pairs of Dumbbells (According To Your Fitness Level)


Space – Dependent on Your Size (6 Foot Squared Should Work)


Once you have your makeshift ‘gym space’ either join me for a live workout or build your own routine! Make your fitness home fitness with me today.

With-Me Workouts

In my With-Me Workouts Section I’ll post dates of upcoming live streaming workout sessions each week, as I make them available, via Instagram. Join me live online (or enjoy our workout on 24 hour playback) as often as you can. I’ll be offering pro tips and advice throughout, right from my living room!

Build Your Own Routines

If you don’t want a gym buddy during my Live Workouts, and you don’t want to Work With Me remotely in a private session, use my growing library of home workout exercises to build your own home workout routine. Take any 8 of the exercises and perform 4 sets of each (that is, work through sets of 8 to 12 repetitions per set, and work through the the entire routine 4 times) for a workout routine of your own. And check back here for more exercises every few weeks so that you’re keeping your body guessing.

Extra Help, If Needed

If you feel you’d benefit from extra help in a one-on-one remote session for fitness or nutrition, please reach me here.