Snack Attack Upgrade (Multi Dip)

Hunter Habit – For Those Who Graze, The Snack Attack Upgrade Awaits Upgrade Class – Multi Dip (up to 7 times) Your Snack Attack Upgrade Commitment For this Snack Attack Upgrade you’re going to commit yourself to making one day of your week a day where all your snacks are healthy alternatives

Pregnancy Fitness and Perspective

From Experience, Not From Theory Among other things, I’m a mom. I treasure this part of my life enormously. My little boy and my husband are my best friends. However, when I became a mother it involved being pregnant. And that, was awful. Pregnancy fitness and perspective is something I

3 Tips for Healthy Aging

Maintaining Your Glow Looking healthy means being healthy. You can’t fake vitality without CGI. That’s why my 3 tips for healthy aging are, in fact, the pillars of good health. As a scientist, a trainer, and a mother approaching the big “40”, I’ve noticed that some healthy habits impact my

5 Home Workout Tips

Maintaining Your Glow If you got this far you probably know that I’m a scientific nutritionist with a background in research, and a full time personal trainer. Because of this a question I get asked a lot is what tips I have for working out at home. So here’s the

Alcohol Upgrade

Hunter Habit – For Hunters Who Party; The European Twist Upgrade Class – One time Upgrade Your Alcohol Upgrade Commitment If you’re the type of Hunter that likes to have a delicious-refreshing-alcoholic-beverage or ten, then we might have stumbled upon an area of your life that could be healthier than it is.

Missed Meal Upgrade

Hunter Habit – For Hunters Who Don’t Hunt Upgrade Class – Multi-Dip Upgrade (up to 7 times) Your Missed Meal Upgrade Commitment Missing meals during your day, especially when you’re working, is common. Dangerously common. And the negative health implications of missing meals can be severe and long lasting. The Missed Meal Upgrade

Shopping Fresh Upgrade (Triple Dip)

Hunter Habit – For Us Once-A-Week Shoppers Upgrade Class – Triple Dip (as many as three times) Your Shopping Fresh Upgrade Commitment We don’t grow our own food these days, not where I live, anyway. That means that this Shopping Fresh Upgrade will be as close as we get to having our

Candy Fortress Upgrade

Hunter Habit – For Those Of Us Who Live With Sugar Upgrade Class – Single Use Your Candy Fortress Upgrade Commitment Your home should be your fortress, but for many of us there are forces inside our castles are working against us. If that sounds like you – then you need my

The First Rule for All Hunters

Now is the time for you to learn the hunter’s first rule. Step into the Modern Jungle with me and embrace the world of advantages that lies in changing your relationship with the food you eat. The Hunter’s First Rule is that you will never put ingredients into your body