How2LiveOnEarth – The System

My system is simple, because science is simple.

My system is dynamic, because you aren’t like other boys and girls.

My system works.

The approach is simple – we strip away bad habits incrementally, and replace them with good habits. By making small adjustments every few weeks, we create sustainable change, by allowing you to disperse the pressure of self improvement across a range of different lifestyle choices.

We make unwitting (and witting) unhealthy decisions all over the place. At the grocery store, in the kitchen, at the dinner table, at the gym, on our commutes, at work, even while we sleep – your health is being taxed almost everywhere. Using my How2LiveOnEarth system you’ll be armed with the tools and the science to Upgrade your life at your own pace, and create changes that will last you into old age.

Simple process, dynamic application.

This is How2Live.

How To Get Started

1. Select a Lifestyle or Food Upgrade, and make one small change – try it!

2. Commit yourself to the Hunter’s First Rule

3. Commit yourself to the Hunter’s Second Rule

4. Start Upgrading your life until it’s the life you love, one Upgrade at a time

Using My System

This system isn’t about weight loss, or muscle building, or cross training – it’s about taking back control of your jungle.

The Hunter’s First and Second Rules are the mental framework from within which we begin to Upgrade our lives. There are all sorts of forces working against you when it comes to leading a health lifestyle, and these two rules will massively improve your ability to guard against the influence of those forces.

They do this by reducing your capacity to be mislead (often by well meaning people) into believing that some product, diet or activity is going to make your life better, without risking you missing out on the good advice that you may occasionally get.

Once armed with the two rules, every time you have the energy and appetite to improve yourself (suggested once very three weeks), come back here and select another Food Upgrade or Lifestyle Upgrade and apply it to your new forever!

Upgrade your life continuously and make steady improvement your new normal.

And that’s the meat of my system – we make small changes, constantly, which focus on a range of areas of our lifestyles in urban environments. Our focus is on diminishing bad habits and replacing them with healthy habits in a way that offers minimal disruption and maximum improvement.

Objective – Results

The First and Second Rules of the Hunter in the Modern Jungle are the foundations of scientific skepticism in relation to food and all health/fitness consumables. Between those two rules you learn to require evidence, acquire comprehension, and refuse to subscribe your belief to a proposition absent a standard of evidence.

The Upgrades in the How2LiveOnEarth system is a way of allowing you to do what diets don’t – to make enduring, everlasting, incremental changes to your current lifestyle at a pace that you determine for yourself.

Turn yourself into a scientist and start making these 2% improvements to the quality of your life by committing to your first Upgrade today. Browse my Upgrades and learn to improve what you love about your life by replacing bad habits with good ones, and take a look at the Rules of the Hunter to see the world through my eyes.

No more diets. Diets end.

Change is forever or its not change, it’s just trying.