Inconvenient Parking Upgrade

Inconvenient Parking Upgrade (Single)

Hunter Habit – For Those Of Us Breaking Free Of A Sedentary Lifestyle, The Inconvenient Parking Upgrade Awaits

Upgrade Class – Single (one time only Upgrade)

Your Inconvenient Commitment

For this Inconvenient Parking Upgrade you’ll begin a habit that will make you very unpopular with your friends and family. From now on you park no closer than five minutes walking distance from any locations you drive to. This will apply to at least two locations on each day, provided more than one location is visited.

Five minutes walk each way from car to shop, at two locations a day equals twenty minutes of walking. Daily. From now on. Your place of work and your shopping runs are obvious places to start making these changes to your lifestyle, but parking further away from your place of work is also an option!

The Science of Walking

There is a wealth of scientific evidence available that denotes the incredible impact that walking for at least twenty minutes a day can have on our health. Our bodies evolved to engage in strenuous activities regularly, and like an aging car, our engines also need to be engaged regularly in order to keep the vehicle in operational condition.

Take advantage of the world you’ve built in this urban jungle, find places within your routine to engage your body and get a quick walk in wherever you can. Your entire metabolic system reacts to physical engagement, even in short bursts.

Jungle Tip

Consider getting yourself a pair of walking appropriate shoes and putting them in your car, if necessary. Long experience has taught me that it’s easy to show up for your shopping trip in your work shoes and excuse yourself from your inconvenient Upgrade on account of pragmatism.

Instead, plan a head. This is a new you!

And remember that Upgrades like Inconvenient Parking offer the maximal benefit when enjoyed with healthy food and lots of sleep.

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