My Sneaky Snack Bundle #2

My Sneaky Snack Bundle #2

As promised, here’s some more of the dirty treats we indulge in at my house when we’re sneaking in some satisfaction between meals. Remember, snacking-done-right can be as healthy as it is tasty – which brings us to My Sneaky Snack Bundle #2!

Use these Sneaky Snack Bundles as templates for the kinds of Sneaky Snacks you and your family can learn to build and enjoy. Use healthy ingredients, and begin to replace the potato chips, chocolates and junk foods in your life with nutritious alternatives.

Here’s five delicious tidbits that I intercepted (or otherwise created) between meals this week.

My Snacks / Your Snacks

Protein Pancakes
Yogurt & Fruit
Sardines & Crackers
Chocolate & Nuts


This is an Italian classic, and like all Italian classics, it’s exceptionally simple. However, like all simple foods – the taste will be determined by almost entirely by the quality of the ingredients.

2 Slices Brown, Whole Wheat Bread - unsliced loafs are the best
Olive Oil - extra virgin, cold pressed, the very best, of course
Balsamic Vinegar - extra virgin

Concepts don’t get much more simple than Brochette.

Some people like their brochette bread toasted, others do not. If you do, go ahead and pop it in the toaster to warm but not brown.

Then, the pour a few tablespoons of Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil on a plate, and about a tablespoon of balsamic vinegar dobbed right in the middle of your little pool of olive oil! Now tear that bread and start dipping (and munching)! If you add some fried cherry tomatoes with a bit of spice and garlic people may actually die from pleasure.

Protein Powder Pancakes

These are a family favorite at my house because they’re great fresh off the
stove, but also very versatile and nice to reheat if left in the fridge in an
airtight container. Try taking cold ones and pasting them in Nut Butter and
then rolling them up and eating them as a healthy snack. So yummy!

1 Whole Egg
1 Extra Egg-White
1/4 Cup Protein Powder
1 Medium Banana

Mix all ingredients together and mash that banana up like you mean it! Use
this batter for your pancakes as normal on a medium heat. They’re quick and easy and last a long time in the fridge. When eating as a classic pancake we often add chopped fresh fruit and a dash of honey.

Yogurt & Fruit

Here’s something that’s super simple, super tasty, super filling and super healthy.

Greek Yogurt, Unsweetened - 1 cup of the good stuff
Berries - a handful of your favorite berries from the freezer is all you'll need

Mix the Greek yogurt and and the berries together in a bowl until it’s well blended.

Then sit down and enjoy! This is about as clean as food can get. Feel free to mix some nuts or oats in there as well if you’re in to that sort of thing. My little boy likes raisins with his!

Sardines & Crackers

As simple as it sounds. Sardines are extremely nutrient dense, and having them on some plain (healthy) crackers is a simple way to get complex nutrients that your body craves packed into your system with every bite.

You’ll need a tin of salted sardines, some brown crackers for charcuterie, and an appetite. Nothing else is required for this messy, simple savory!

Chocolates & Nuts

If you buy unsalted nuts and quality chocolate, this snack will be as good for your body as your appetite.

Wallnuts/Hazelnuts/Brazil Nuts/Almonds - handful
Dark Chocolate - 70% cocoa if possible, 30 grams

Crumble the nuts and chocolate up into little pieces and mix them together in a bowl for some at-your-desk-snacking. My husband eats this every week – He’s a Type 1 Diabetic. This snack is a popular one for him between meals to stabilize his blood-sugar and keep energized.

Munch and enjoy!


More Sneaky Snack Bundles are here for you to enjoy! Come check them out and give up on the fast-food forever!

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