Protein Platter Breakfast

Protein Platter Breakfast

My husband likes this protein platter breakfast because it reminds him of his Full English Breakfast from back home – even though I’ve clearly given this staple breakfast a nutritional makeover!

This breakfast is geared towards high protein and fat consumption, complete with a high fiber carb hit to ensure you’ve got energy dispersing continuously for the next three hours to remain active and engaged.

As with everything – the quality your ingredients means everything here.

Ingredients (serves 1)

Avocado (45 grams, or 1/4)
Eggs, medium (2)
Bread, wholewheat (1 slice)
Bacon, Turkey (2 slices)

Phase I – The Heat

Ingredients out and…

  1. Put two pans on your stove-top at a medium heat. One’s for your bacon and one’s for your eggs
  2. BACON – place your two strips of bacon in your hot pan and let it do its thing while you move to Step 3, below. Turn your bacon over in 2 minutes and cook for 2 minutes on the opposite side before removing from the pan
  3. EGGS – crack your two eggs into a cup and then pour them gently into a hot pan at medium heat. Keep an eye on the eggs as they fry. Turn them when necessary, as we want them over-easy and gooey in the middle when finished, but we want the egg white to be solid. Use a dash of oil if you need to.
    • It should take 2 or 3 minutes for the white of the egg to begin to set. The golden egg yoke in the middle should not solidify. Once the egg-white has set throughout, scoop and flip carefully but confidently in the pan
    • Cook for an additional 1 minute on this other side, no more
  4. TOAST – throw a slice of wholewheat bread in the toaster. When it pops put butter on it. Or if your avocado is sufficiently ripe you can spread it on your toast!
  5. AVOCADO – determine the fate of your avocado: in chunks on your plate or mashed into a paste and spread on your toast? You decide.

Well done. The tough parts over.

Phase II – The Touches

Arrange your finished ingredients on your plate so that whoever is eating it is aware of the effort and care that went into its production – and for maximum effect consider the following:

  1. Butter on toast can be replaced with avocado, jam, peanut butter, or you can leave the toast raw and enjoy it plain
  2. This meal is best eaten with your early morning hot tea, hot coffee or water

Note that good bread should be enjoyable even without anything on it, once toasted. Bread should itself have flavor to contribute to whatever else is in your mouth when chewing it. Try to avoid using sweetened dressings or fatty cheeses on your toast for this meal. Doing so will compromise the chemical balance of this nutrient dense delight.

Nutritional Info (per serving)

Protein, 26 grams
Fat, 20 grams
Carbohydrates, 12 grams
Fiber, 4 grams
Calories, 345

This is a hard working, protein rich breakfast spread with carbs and fat to keep you feeling satiated while carrying your metabolism through to noon. Check out my How2Live System for more simple like hacks to improve your health forever!

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