Shopping Discipline Upgrade

Shopping Discipline Upgrade

Hunter Habit – For Hunters Of Opportunity; Plans Are Useless, But Planning Is Essential

Upgrade Class – One time Upgrade

Your Shopping Commitment

Evolution has made us into a species of highly attentive, highly impressionable creatures of routine. We have grown into routines of impulse submission. Meaning that much of our shopping experience operates on the premise that you will “see something that you like”.

Because, of course, you will.

Perhaps it’s an intuition left over from our hunter-gatherer past, when we might go hunting with an expectation of finding ‘something’. Whatever nature could provide. Shopping centers and grocery stores are highly attentive to this approach to food gathering. In modern grocery stores, though, there will be signage designed to capture your attention, deals designed to appeal to your prudence, packaging designed to diminish your skepticism, music to keep you staying longer, etc.. .

Everything, down to the last detail, has been engineered to increase the amount of money you spend. At nearly any cost. Even your welfare.

The good news is that you can go to great lengths to diminish the impact of these techniques with one simple technique – a shopping list.

Decide what you need and what you want prior to heading out to buy your groceries from now on. From this Upgrade forward, when you go out shopping, it will always be with a shopping list, and you will do your utmost to stick to that list.

Go in, get what’s on your list, and get out. Read packaging just the way you normally do – browse for new products that you may want to experiment with when you have the time and inclination, but if you see something you want that isn’t on your list – stop. Buy it next time, when you’ve put it on your shopping list!

Own Your Kitchen

The adjustment you’re making to your life with the Shopping Discipline Upgrade is about taking back control of the food-chain that leads to your stomach.

We are pushed food. We are assured by packaging that the food is healthy; we’re assured by advertisers that taste king. Grocery stores are like well refined, highly educated, excessively polite drug dealers. They’ll even go for your kids if they think that’s a better way to convince you to take out your wallet.

Having a list and rules means that we can’t be haggled and bullied and seduced into making purchases based on our primitive intuitions. We decide what chemicals go into our bodies, outside of the vacuum of influence of the shop itself, and then we go and we hunt down only what we came for.

Jungle Tip

This is a tough Upgrade for a lot of people. We’re used to being swept along by suggestion, and there’s good evolutionary reason for that. If you find that the Shopping Discipline Upgrade is a challenging one to initiate, consider giving yourself two months of shopping with “two cheats per shopping trip”.

By this I mean that you shop with your list, but allow yourself to make one impulse buy while shopping. This should get you used to the discipline of impulse restriction even more gradually. Because we’re not aiming to change your shopping habits for a year – we’re changing them for a lifetime.

For healthy things to put on your shopping list, My Recipes are yours! These are foods that my family and I enjoy every day, and the ingredients to make them.

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