Snack Attack Upgrade (Multi Dip)

Hunter Habit – For Those Who Graze, The Snack Attack Upgrade Awaits

Upgrade Class – Multi Dip (up to 7 times)

Your Snack Attack Upgrade Commitment

For this Snack Attack Upgrade you’re going to commit yourself to making one day of your week a day where all your snacks are healthy alternatives to your normal snacking routine.

Don’t forget, this is a change that lasts forever. Take the time to discover some healthy snacks that you can find some kind of pleasure in. If you’re looking for some ideas try my Recipes section and hunt down My Sneaky Snack Bundles. The options are limitless when it comes to tasty, healthy foods that are available for you to learn to love.

The key is to ensure that the healthy snacks are available when you need them. Therefore, if you’re at work, you’ll need to pack these snacks so that they’re there for you right when you’d normally be heading off to pick up a packet of poison. If you’re at home, then make sure they’re ready in the fridge or somewhere close at hand – the thing about snacks is that they’re high on the energy content, low on the energy output. If they’re easy to get into your mouth quickly then you’ll likely settle for them over something else.

Humans. We’re awful, aren’t we?

Jungle Tip

It can be tough to give up our favorite poisons. With that in mind, I’d suggest you make your very first Snack Attack Upgrade apply on a day that isn’t too heavily laden with snacks. This will give you the ability to slowly build up an appetite to particular healthy snacks, so that when you do start applying this Multi Dip Upgrade to more snack heavy days – it’s easy!


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