Stretching Upgrade

Stretching Upgrade (Multi Dip)

Hunter Habit – For All Of Us, Stretching Saves Lives

Upgrade Class – Multi Dip (up to 7 times)

Your Stretching Commitment

For the Stretching Upgrade you’re going to create a new stretching habit. Pick a day every week when you’re going to find 10 minutes, whenever you are most able, to stretch. You’re going to do some very specific stretches, but finding 10 minutes once a week that you can consistently commit to this new routine is going to be the tough part.

Stretching saves lives and is a huge part of what it means to be healthy.

If you already have an exercise regiment, perhaps you can fit this in as a part of that routine. Otherwise, find a segment of space in your week when you’re frequently spared a few moments of privacy.

How To Stretch

Over the course of 10 minutes you’re going to complete no less than 6 stretches. There are some muscles that I insist you stretch, but with the time that you have left you can pick a muscle and focus on that one if you’d like!

  • Glute Stretch
  • Hamstring Leg Stretch
  • Crotch Stretch
  • Hip Flexor Stretch
  • Chest Stretch
  • Back Stretch

Find a stretch that you’re comfortable doing on YouTube or a similar platform. There are hundreds of stretches for those muscle groups alone.

Jungle Tip

Spend roughly 30 seconds holding a single stretch to the point of slight discomfort. You’ll find that at about 20 to 25 seconds of stretching the stretched muscle ‘slackens’ slightly and you are able to push the stretch slightly further and hold it with no increase in discomfort. Hold the stretch for a few seconds thereafter, and then release and move on to your next stretch.

Don’t forget that you can join me for live With-Me Workouts remotely every week if you want a workout-buddy to go with those stretches!

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