The Crush It Upgrade

The Crush It Upgrade (Multi Dip)

Hunter Habit – For Those Of Us With Fire In Our Bellies And Music In Our Hearts, The Crush It Upgrade Awaits

Upgrade Class – Multi Dip (unlimited)

Your Crushing Commitment

For The Crush It Upgrade you’re going to turn something you love into a ritual. One that will benefit you physically and psychologically, forever. Twice a week you’re going to close the doors and stick in your headphones. You’re going to select your two fastest, most exhilarating songs.

Then you’re going to press play.

And you’re going explode. For the duration of the songs, with a one minute break between each song, you’re going to crush it. Dance, shadow-box, air-guitar, jump rope, swim laps, run a treadmill, do a sprint on a stationary bike or hit the punching bag like you’re Bruce Lee. You’re going to give it everything for two songs.

At the end of those songs, if someone were to walk in, they’d find you a hyperventilating, sweat stained mess on the carpet, with no ability to explain yourself for lack of oxygen. And if you can explain yourself then you’ve not danced hard enough!

The Science of The Crush

Intensive exercise is what Crushing It is all about. It’s a way of experiencing the multitude of proven benefits of exercise as you work your way, incrementally, towards the goal of engaging in activities like that for 20 minutes every day.

Engaging in intensive exercise like vigorous dancing, shadow-boxing or cycling activates your metabolism. This helps your body burn energy and fat cells. What it also does is build muscular endurance, stabilizer muscles and increases balance. All this and it makes you happy by flooding your body with endorphins and other mood lifting chemicals.

Each time you take The Crush It Upgrade you are burning through 14 minutes of intensive exercise a week, which is 9% of a healthy person’s routine. Don’t stop looking for ways to close in on 100%!

Jungle Tip

Never push through your pain. If you’ve got an injury or you’re sick, don’t force yourself to do something you should be learning to love. Ultimately your short term health always outweighs the urgency of your long term health – there are no exceptions in the Modern Jungle.

Don’t exacerbate injuries or weaken your body against the fatigue of infection just to get your 7 minutes in. Crush It another day!

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