The First Rule for All Hunters

Now is the time for you to learn the hunter’s first rule. Step into the Modern Jungle with me and embrace the world of advantages that lies in changing your relationship with the food you eat.

The Hunter’s First Rule is that you will never put ingredients into your body again that you aren’t able to explain your body’s relationship with. To put that another way, if you don’t know specifically how a chemical or ingredient in your food impacts your health and experiences digestion, and it isn’t a food that grows out of the earth – you aren’t going to eat it anymore


This is not to say that you will never again eat a chocolate bar containing High Fructose Corn Syrup and Sun Flower Oil, it is only to say that when you eat a chocolate bar containing High Fructose Corn Syrup and Sun Flower Oil you will have looked up, perhaps online, the consequences ingestion of those substances occasion the human body.

So you will eat that chocolate bar in full understanding of the cost you paid for the value you have received from it. Calculated risks are the risks that hunter’s expose themselves to with a full knowledge of the variables – this is key.

Check out my How To Read Food Packaging tips for some help getting used to this new routine!

Jungle Tip

Most of the work involved in this fundamental shift in your relationship with food will impact you in your first few months of shopping, because very quickly you’ll come to understand what the healthy ingredients are and what the bad ingredients are. There really aren’t as many of them as you think. But knowing is half the battle, and this First Upgrade commitment wins you that first half of the battle to regain control of your food-life-relationship!

See the How2Live Living Intro for further details on how to use my system and begin Upgrading your life today!

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