The Hunter’s Second Rule

So here’s the hunter’s second rule for ensuring that you’re able to live a life that’s on an ever improving, totally autonomous trajectory in the Modern Jungle – give up on witchdoctors and do your own research.

Don’t trust the man selling you protein powder when he tells you that it will make you look the way you want to. Listen to him, certainly, but then go and look it up yourself. Google it. Google the pants off of it. Look it up in at least three neutral sources.

If there is no research for me to look at to demonstrate to me that something is true, or likely true, then I simply do not believe it to be true. This second commitment doesn’t demand you read research reports, but it does require you to be skeptical, and to increase the standard of evidence that you would normally accept to back the proposition, “use this powder twice a day and it’ll double your muscle growth” or “gluten messes with your system so you shouldn’t eat it.”

To make this second commitment stick you’re going to need to learn to care about what you put in your body. If you don’t, then who will? If you can’t point your credit card at the right product then the malnutrition that will result in a ritual of bad hunting will very quickly impact not only your life, but the lives of your dependents as well.

We all deserve a wonderful life, in a body that’s healthy – or as close to healthy as we can get, given our individual circumstances. Part of achieving that means closing the door of trust when it comes to food and people, and opening the door of science and evidence.

Jungle Tip

In practice, there will be times that you will sacrifice your adherence to the Hunter’s Second Rule in order to appease people. Learn to find ways to navigate around sudden intrusions into your gastronomic life until you’re able to take control without feeling guilty.

Remember that you own your body, and nothing is more personal than deciding what to put in to it.

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