The Secret to a Consistent Sweat

The Secret to a Consistent Sweat

The Problem

I know you guys and girls see me doing live workouts three times a week on Instagram, though what you probably don’t know is that I am not always as motivated off-camera as I am on-camera.

My job is fitness and nutrition – but I have a sweet tooth and I love sleep! So staying motivated to exercise and eat well is a discipline that I approach through the use of little rituals. These rituals are the secret to a consistent sweat.

One of those rituals is an emotional journey I have trained myself to experience whenever I want to skip a workout.

The first letters of each stage of this three step journey spell LAF, which is how I remember the order.

How To LAF

So this is what LAFing is all about.

  1. Look – I focus on the effects of the work I’ve put in ’till now. The results are so plain when it comes to training. I’m nearly 40 and I gave birth just over two years ago. I’m going to be in the best shape of my life in a year. I know it.
  2. Afterglow – then, I focus on the details of that familiar post-workout chemistry that I know is going to leave me seeing sharper colours through heightened senses, lending me a visceral connection to my fast-twitch muscle fibers; that shot of adrenal java directly to the brain, turning me into a multi-tasking-pun-producing-machine for four solid hours. That drug is waiting for me.
  3. Feel – last, I focus on the sensation of utility. I was weak and unhealthy for a long time. Now I have power. Really shocking power. I can feel it in every footstep when I run through the woods with my husband and his friends, or go swimming with my son, or when I’m carrying the shopping home. When I play fight with my husband now, he has to be careful!

Then I laugh (LAF), I shake my shoulders out, and I move.

There are a million reasons not to workout. But there are a million-and-one ways to squeeze a workout in.

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