Warmup Upgrade

Warmup Upgrade


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Your Warmup Upgrade Commitment

You’re someone who exercises and wants to improve the effect exercising has on their lives? This Warmup Upgrade is for you! You’re about to commit to doing a 1 to 3 minute warmup before every exercise session you do from now on, as a new habit.

Almost nobody that isn’t a professional athlete or a senior citizen seems to warm their bodies up before they work out. Trade secret, warming up doesn’t just give you more out of a workout, it gives you more out of life.

Trade secret number two – most people don’t know how to warm up. Not even most Personal Trainers. But you’re about to learn how.

First, here’s the why we do it – most of us are sedentary before we work out, and it takes a few minutes for our brains to shift their priorities towards physical activity. So if you don’t warm up you’ll spend the first few minutes of your exertion achieving nothing while your body ‘wakes up’. The knock-on effect here is that with less energy wasted ‘turning your body on’ you’ve more energy to give to your workout after ‘wake up’. So you get more out of your training session. Further, you’ll be much less prone to injury, which means you’ll have to skip the gym less, which means you’ll get more out of your routines in the mid to long term, also.

Warmups shouldn’t last long – all they’re meant to do is transition you into exerted activity. A warmup can last as little as a minute. You just have to know how.

The Two Step System

There are two essential stages to your warmups from here on out. Dynamic Stretching and Ballistic Stretching.

Phase 1: Dynamic Stretching

First, you’ll do your Dynamic Stretching. The kind of stretching you’re likely most used to hearing referenced is Static Stretching, which is holding a position for twenty to thirty seconds with the muscle extended. Dynamic Stretching is not like that at all, instead it’s about moving your joints with no resistance through their full ranges of motion at half-speed.

Ankle rolls, torso rotations, shoulder rolls, wrist rolls, high knee marches, walking, arm circles, hip circles, lunges, squats, finger throws etc are full range of motion, Dynamic Stretches.

The key to Dynamic Stretching is that it should mimic the motion of the exercise you are warming up to engage in. So Cycling will be all about ankle rolls, neck rotations, shoulder rolls and wrist rolls. Running will be ankle rolls, torso rotations, high knee marches and maybe some walking. Swimming might involve shoulder rolls, arm circles, torso rotations and hip circles.

Phase 2: Ballistic Stretching

Ballistic Stretching comes next. Ballistic Stretching involves bouncing motions within dynamic movements, such as hopping, jumping jacks, skipping, running on the spot, etc.. We don’t want to start with Ballistic Stretching, but this is where you want to walk your pulse to prior to engaging in your workout.

Once you’ve completed some relevant Ballistic Stretches you will have finished the activation of your neuromuscular system, given your body the opportunity to inform you of any muscular or joint injuries prior to placing weight on them, and allowed your brain to flood your body with the chemicals you’ll need to get the most out of your workout!

Jungle Tip

You’ll know you’ve warmed up properly when the transition from warmup to exercise is difficult to pinpoint.

When does a pile of vegetables become a salad? It’s the same with warmups, because the motions we choose for our warmups mimic the motions we’re going to be performing while we’re under exertion.

It sounds like you’re already an activity pro if you’re making this Upgrade to your life! Why not check out the rest of my Upgrades to see what you’ll change about your life next?

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